The Performance Training Academy Podcast
The Performance Training Academy Podcast
Episode #2: Home training considerations

If you prefer to exercise at home instead of training in a gym, find out some great tips to improve your workouts

In this episode we explore different training systems and equipment that can be used to elevate your home workouts.

Do you workout at home?

Ashley Hough is joined by James Buckingham to discuss how to make your workouts at home effective and specific to your outcome goal.

This podcast will give you considerations on the ideal kit to use at home, as well as how to use a variation of different set methods such as supersets, plyometrics, isometric contractions, utilisation of tempo to overload and more, all to ensure you are working efficiently towards your outcome goal.

Learn the importance of making a solid plan for your home workout regime, and how to apply overload to cause the body to adapt, even when you can’t use the same kit as what you could use in a gym environment.