Qualify as a Personal Trainer with our

ONLINE Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing & Personal Training


Qualify as a Personal Trainer with our

ONLINE Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing & Personal Training


SAVE £100 throughout December on our Online Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training course


Industry recognised qualification – Issued by YMCA Awards and endorsed by CIMSPA.


PRICE:   £1050

Payment options – 7 Interest Free instalments of £150 a month

This course will give you everything that you need to become a Personal Trainer – including both the Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer content.

Delivered using our award nominated online learning platform.



£1050 £950


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7 payments of £150

First payment taken upon enrolment,

followed be 6 monthly payments.

All our fitness qualifications are awarded by YMCA Awards
all our fitness qualifications are recognised by CIMSPA
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Take the complete journey…

…from where you are now, to having your own Personal Training business.

This isn’t just a Personal Training course, it is everything you need to qualify as a knowledgeable Fitness Professional. Our course will show you how to set up your own business as a Personal Trainer, and our online platform will become a resource hub that will support you throughout your career.

Watch our explainer video for this course:


You can start your studies as soon as you enrol, by gaining immediate access to our award nominated online learning platform.

Your online student account will host the theory content of your course, all delivered as bitesize video lessons.

Units include:
• Nutrition
• Programming
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Business set up
• and even a full exercise and coaching library

Along with hosting your course content, this online platform will become a point of reference for you when it is often needed the most – when you are working with your paying clients as a Personal Trainer.

To go alongside your online learning platform, you will be able to complete your learning by attending our esteemed practical workshops – these can be done around your online study.

Once you have completed your online content (which includes your online assessments) and completed a case study protfolio – you will be qualified as an industry recognised Personal Trainer.


Course Overview

Our Online Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training course includes everything you need to become an industry recognised Personal Trainer.

But to take this a step further, we will also give you the tools and resources needed to help you become a successful Personal Trainer who has everything needed to feel supported throughout your career.

Your online learning platform

As soon as you enrol onto this course, you will be given access to your online learning platform. This allows you to start your learning journey straight away from home, and it is fully supported by your own dedicated support tutor who will guide you every step of the way.

Upon enrolment, our tutor will book in a call with you – to give you an overview of your learning platform, to set some targets for you and to answer any initial questions.

Your online learning platform hosts all of the necessary theory units for your Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training course – including Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Programming, Instructing Advanced Training Methods, Business set up, and much more… It even contains a fully stacked Exercise & Coaching Library.

This online platform will be a point of reference for you throughout your career – which is often when you will need to reference these lessons the most. You will receive lifelong access to this information.


What happens once you are qualified?

As you are working through your studies, your course support tutor will encourage you to prepare for your career as a personal trainer by starting to build the foundations of your fitness business. This is not a requirement, but for those who do this they often complete their qualification with a business platform and paying clients ready to go.

Once you are fully qualified we will work with you to ensure your fitness business as a Personal Trainer is up and running and that you are actively marketing yourself correctly to start growing your client base.

We understand fully that a lot of your questions will come after you are qualified, whether you need business advice or help with training your clients. That is why we are always at hand to help and offer guidance as you look to develop and grow your business – the support does not stop after you are qualified.


Download our ‘Prospectus’

For a further breakdown of the online content, a complete overview of required assessments and to get a good idea of a timeline to completion:

Click here to download your Prospectus



It is important when enrolling on to a course that you have a clear timeline to completion and an understanding of what you need to do to pass.

As soon as you enrol, your course support tutor will arrange an Assessment Plan call with you so that they can talk you through each unit of the course and how they are assessed. This will essentially be your timeline to completion and will set you some motivation with your studies and targets to aim for.


Online assessments

Once you complete a unit online, it can be assessed immediately, allowing you to do the assessment whilst the knowledge is fresh and to save you hanging around for an exam. Our online end-of-unit assessments can all be done from the comfort of your own home when you are ready to do so. Your support tutor will be at hand to help with any revision and to get everything organised for you.


Client case study

To showcase the knowledge you have learnt from this course, as well as allowing you to show us how you will want to be acknowledged as a Personal Trainer, you will build up a body of work by working with a case study personal training client.

The work you perform with your case study client will be the same that you will be doing for all of your future ‘paying’ personal training clients – Consultation, baseline measure tests, programme design, personal training session delivery and analysing of their nutritional habits.

Your course support tutor will be at hand to help with this every step of the way, this stage of your learning reflects who you are as an individual and it builds up your experience, knowledge and confidence in training a client.



The Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training qualification is governed by YMCA Awards and is industry recognised, both in the United Kingdom and Worldwide, meaning you can work as a personal trainer anywhere in the world.
Upon completion of our qualifications, you’ll also be able to gain membership with the standardising body for the Health and Fitness Industry – CIMSPA (previously REPS – The Register of Exercise Professionals).


Note: All active fitness professionals should hold CIMSPA memberships, just like all training providers need to be approved by CIMSPA. You can see our member ship here.


Download our Prospectus

For a full overview of the assessments and what is required to pass them:

Download your Prospectus here


Ongoing support

Support throughout your studies is of upmost importance to successful course completion, but support when you are building your fitness business and working with paying clients is when support and advice is often needed the most – we take pride in wanting to see all of our students thrive and grow in the industry so the more you stay in touch once you are qualified and take us up on our offer of support the better it is for us.


If you would like to discuss our course structure in more detail, and the options available to you once you are qualified – simply click here to get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss everything further with you. 

For a full overview of units covered, and everything you will have as part of your educational package for this course, you can click here to download our Prospectus.


What will happen when you book your course?

As soon as you book your course, using either the pay in full or instalment option, you will receive a receipt of payment and also your log in details for your online learning platform – so that you can get onto your course content straight away.

Within 24 hours your course support tutor will be in touch with you to show you the first steps of your study and to arrange an onboarding phone-call to allow us to make sure you have a full understanding of how to get started and what you will be working through.

But you can get started before this point, the course content gives a full explanation of each step of your learning journey.


Still have questions? About our course, or what you can do with the qualification once you are qualified?

We are more than happy to discuss the learning process to getting you fully qualified and to answer any questions that you may have.

Simply click here to contact us, and we will be in touch within 24 hours to answer your questions and arrange a call where needed.


We look forward to working with you through your studies and supporting you with your fitness business as an industry recognised Personal Trainer.

For further information and to discuss our course further with a member of the team – please click here



If you are still on the fence about this qualification, why not try our online learning platform for FREE.

This will give you full access to our platform and will allow you to watch the first series of lessons – ensuring that this is the right course for you.

We are immensly proud of the lessons and resources that have been produced for our learners, this is not simply an online powerpoint style course or generic video content. It is important that you can see how you will be taught and how you will learn your Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training qualification.

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