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  • Find a client – An individual who you can make a real difference with in regards to their training, nutrition and mindset.
  • Book in a consultation with your client.

  • Consultation is to be recorded – see filming guidelines in your Candidate Induction Manual. Recording is to be added into your ‘Uploads’ folder when done (renamed as ‘Client Consultation’).
  • Complete Lifestyle Questionnaire, ParQ and Informed Consent forms in your Learner Assessment Record.
  • Perform two health screening tests: Blood Pressure, BMI or Waist to Hip Ratio.

  • After filmed consultation, complete Task 1 – Client Consultation in your Learner Assessment Record. Use the documents in your ‘Learner Assessment Records’ folder in your Student Portfolio to help you:
    • How to complete your Learner Assessment Record
    • Learner Assessment Record – Completion Examples

To help with the health screening tests, use pages 129 – 131 in your PTA Practical Manual.

Note: When this first task is completed, don’t ask for marking just yet. We will mark your Task 1 Client Consultation at the same time as your ‘Task 2 – Programming’ and ‘Task 3 – Knowledge Questions’ documents.