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  • Find a client – An individual who you can make a real difference with in regards to their training, nutrition and mindset.
  • Book in a consultation with your client.

  • Consultation is to be recorded – see filming guidelines in your Candidate Induction Manual. Recording is to be added into your ‘Uploads’ folder when done (renamed as ‘Client Consultation’).
  • Complete Lifestyle Questionnaire, ParQ and Informed Consent forms in your Learner Assessment Record.
  • Perform two health screening tests: Blood Pressure, BMI or Waist to Hip Ratio.

  • After filmed consultation, complete Task 1 – Client Consultation in your Learner Assessment Record. Use the documents in your ‘Learner Assessment Records’ folder in your Student Portfolio to help you:
    • How to complete your Learner Assessment Record
    • Learner Assessment Record – Completion Examples

To help with the health screening tests, use pages 129 – 131 in your PTA Practical Manual.

Note: When this first task is completed, don’t ask for marking just yet. We will mark your Task 1 Client Consultation at the same time as your ‘Task 2 – Programming’ and ‘Task 3 – Knowledge Questions’ documents.


  • Ensure you have completed your Client Consultation


  • After you have performed your Client Consultation and completed your ‘Task 1 – Client Consultation’ document in your Level 2 Learner Assessment Record, you will need to design your Clients Gym Programme.


  • Along with your clients Gym Programme, you will also need to design a programme for a ‘Younger Person’ and an ‘Older Individual’. This is purely to show your knowledge in programming. Ensure you have first watched the relevant lessons in the Practical Module > Gym-based programme ‘Planning and Preparation’… unit (‘Exercise programming for Elderly Clients’ and ‘Exercise programming for young adults’).


  • After you have designed your clients gym programme, take them through this programme in full to complete it, allowing you to add all resistances and intensities. Refer to your manual and the ‘Exercise & Coaching Library’ to help you understand the teaching points, positioning, muscles used etc for each exercise.


  • You will also need to complete your Task 4 – Knowledge Questions document. Use the ‘Level 2 LAR – Knowledge Questions’ document in your Student Portfolio > Learner Assessment Records folder to help complete.


  • When you have Task 1, Task 2 and Task 4 fully completed, please submit for assessing.



When you have all of the above complete, you can prepare for and perform your Level 2 Summative Assessment: